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DNA and Drug & Alcohol Testing for Legal and Judicial Purposes

When it comes to legal matters like divorce proceedings, child custody determinations, DUI charges, or pretrial diversion / intervention, the accuracy of drug, alcohol, DNA, and lab testing results is of paramount importance.

Whether you are an attorney, a judge, a social worker, or a Pretrial Diversion / Intervention Officer, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA can serve as a trusted partner for legal testing.

We offer a variety of court-admissible tests to meet any need for legal and judicial evidence.

Circumstances Calling for Legal Testing

There are a number of situations requiring legal testing services. These include:

  • Child custody cases (paternity DNA testing; drug & alcohol testing; passive exposure drug testing)
  • Child visitation rights (drug & alcohol testing; DNA testing; passive exposure testing)
  • Divorce proceedings (infidelity DNA testing; drug and alcohol testing; passive exposure drug testing)
  • Private investigations (infidelity and paternity DNA testing)
  • Criminal cases (forensic DNA: alcohol and passive exposure drug testing)
  • Estate or inheritance disputes (relationship DNA testing; drug and alcohol testing)
  • Juvenile, Mental Health, DUI, or Veterans Treatment Drug Court
  • Pretrial diversion or intervention programs (drug & alcohol testing)

Court-Ordered Testing

Courts can order DNA, drug or alcohol testing in a variety of different circumstances. The hallmark for court-admissible testing is reliability, which can be assured by a careful chain-of-custody protocol.


Family Law

Reliable, accurate DNA and drug & alcohol testing takes the uncertainty out of many family law cases. ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA is a reliable partner to present a reliable case.

Mobile & On-site Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA can bring testing to any location, including court houses, probation offices and social work departments. We are ready when and where you need us to provide accurate, reliable testing.

Court-Admissible DNA Testing

Courts rely on DNA testing to determine custody, child support, paternity, inheritance, immigration cases and more. ARCpoint Labs’ of Worcester, MA testing protocols insure admissibility in the case.


Drug Court

Drug courts are a diversionary program for people suspected of possessing or using illegal drugs. It gives them a pathway focused on treatment and prevention as an alternative to the punitive nature of criminal justice system.


Attorneys increasingly order their own DNA and drug testing to provide supporting evidence and eliminate unwanted surprises during litigation. ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA provides professional, reliable, admissible test results for any matter.

Pretrial Intervention & Diversion

Minor and first time drug offenders are increasingly being diverted out of the traditional punitive pathway toward the department of corrections and down a treatment and prevention pathway via drug court programs.

Chain of Custody for Legal Testing

In order for legal testing to be admissible in a court of law, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA follow strict chain of custody regulations for collections.

All of our employees are trained in proper protocols and procedures required to keep testing legally admissible, and we work with laboratories that follow these processes every step of the way, from specimen collections to sample transport, followed by testing of the sample in the laboratory testing and finally to results transmission.

Technology & Capabilities for Unique Legal Testing Situations

At ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA, we understand that legal testing needs can vary widely depending on the type of law practiced, the specific case in question, or the laws and requirements of your specific community.

Unlike “mom and pop” independents or “one-size-fits-all” operations, our facilities are equipped to provide tailored legal testing. Our customizable options include:

  • Comprehensive drug & alcohol testing, including many different test types such as hair, nail & sweat patch testing for longer detection windows
  • ChildGuard® testing to identify accidental ingestion or passive exposure to drugs
  • Observed collections with both male & female collectors available
  • Flexible scheduling options, including the ability to adhere to pre-set drug court schedules & weekend collections
  • Mobile, on-site testing (at the courthouse or another location) or in lab at an ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA facility)
  • Ability to serve as custodian of record for caseworkers & guardian ad litem
  • Software for management of programs with streamlined test ordering
  • Call-in scheduling / randomization for drug court
  • Results delivered electronically

We would happy to discuss your unique needs and devise a legal testing program to fit your program or case.

The ARCpoint of Worcester, MA Commitment: Accurate, Reliable, Confidential

At ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA, we stand for Accurate, Reliable, and Confidential legal testing. We deliver this level of service in many key ways:

Accuracy in Legal Testing

When using Point of Care/Collection Tests (POCT) that provide rapid results, we always utilize the highest quality kits available and lab-based confirmation of non-negative results. We are also equipped to provide testing for adulterants and have experience in detection, preventing persons from cheating a drug or alcohol test. In addition, we work with trained Medical Review Officers (MROs) to identify any legally-prescribed medications that could show up as non-negatives on a drug test.

The Reliability of Our Court-Admissible Tests

To ensure our legal testing results are totally reliable, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA facility will work to understand and follow specific court orders. We ensure that the chain of custody is complete and followed throughout the testing process. Our collections specialists always follow established system protocols and remain professional and cordial, but are never too familiar with the individuals being tested.

Confidential Results

We preserve the confidentiality of results by safeguarding donor privacy. Depending on the program requirements, we will work with donors to authorize release of test results. We will preserve the privacy of participants and the integrity of the program.

Get Legal Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Testing

When partnering with you or your organization for legal drug and alcohol testing, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA seeks to become an extension of your program. Let us be an extra pair of eyes and ears, noting issues with the program and any changes in personality or behavior in participants.

Need legal testing?

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA to see how we can help meet your specific needs.